Circular Letters 2018








Report on the Number of Claims due to the Impact of Hurricane Maria that are Still Open From the Date of Submission.

January 9, 2018



CC-2018-1923-D Compliance with Section 27.161 of the Puerto Rico Insurance Code in Paying Claims January 30, 2018 View
CC-2018-1924-D List of Entities of Businesses Designated as Primary Social and Economic Need Sectors Under Ruling Letter No.: CN-2017-220-D February 1, 2018 View
CC-2018-1925-AF Steadfast Insurance Company - Change of Address February 5, 2018 View
CC-2018-1926-AF North American Capacity Insurance - Change of Address February 5, 2018 View
Amendment to Filing of Annual Business Report and Annual Report of Direct Jobs Generated in Puerto Rico April 24, 2018 View
CC-2018-1929-AF 2017 Annual Report March 28, 2018 View
CC-2018-1931-D Licensing Requirement for Public Adjusters May 1, 2018 View
CC-2018-1932-D Commercial Property Insurance Rates for Waterfront Condominiums May 7, 2018 View

Allied World Assurance Company (U.S.) Inc. Change of Address

June 20, 2018 View
CC-2018-1934-AF Statutory Meeting of the Insurers Syndicate for the Joint Underwriting of Medical-Hospital Professional Liability Insurance July 24, 2018



CC-2018-1935-D Chapter 37 of the Puerto Rico Insurance Code- "Joint Underwriting Association for Fire and Allied Lines Insurance" July 24, 2018 View
CC-2018-1936-D Surplus Lines Contracts for Exempt Commercial Purchasers August 16, 2018 View