cIRCULAR Letters 2019

CC-2019-1944-D Catrastrophe or Emergency Response Plan March 8, 2019 View
CC-2019-1945-D Amended Amendment to the Filing of the Annual Business Report and Annual Report on Direct Jobs Generated in Puerto Rico March 29, 2019 View
CC-2019-1946-AF Address Change: Columbia Casualty Company May 1, 2019 View
CC-2019-1947-AF Statutory Meeting of the Insurers Syndicate for the Joint Underwriting of Medical-hospital Professional Liability Insurance. May 14, 2019


CC-2019-1948-D Authorization and Effective Date of the Emergency Public and Independent Adjuster Special Permit Granted Under the Provisions of CN-2017-233-D due to the Impact of Hurricanes Irma and María in Puerto Rico May 14, 2019 View