Rule 1-A-8077.pdf
8077Investigation ProceduresSep/26/2011Active
Rule 1-A.pdf
5266Investigation ProceduresJul/03/1995Active
Rule 2.pdf
481Procedure for administrative hearings held by CommissionerJan/07/1958Active
Rule 3.pdf
8355Tests for licenseMay/09/2013Active
Rule 4.pdf
1053Licenses; Adjusterssept/30/1966Active
Rule 5.pdf
5492License Renewaloct/18/1996Active
Rule 6.pdf
481License Cancellation to RequesterJan/07/1958Active
Rule 7.pdf
1053License RehabilitationSep/30/1966Active
Rule 9.pdf
1053Books and Accounting SystemsSep/30/1966Active
Rule 10.pdf
2071Books and Accounting SystemsApr/1/1976Active
Rule 10-1053.pdf
1053Books and Accounting Systems: General Agents, Managers of Foreign Insurers and AdjustersSep/30/1966Active
Rule 11.pdf
1053Books and Accounting Systems; Agents and BrokersSep/30/1966Active
Rule 11-B.pdf
2075Consultants, Books and RecordsApr/01/1976Active
Rule 12.pdf
1053Retention of DocumentsSep/30/1966Active
Rule 13.pdf
1053Valuation of Stocks and BondsSep/30/1966Active
Rule 14.pdf
1053Insurers Annual ReportsSep/30/1966Active
Rule 14-A.pdf
9378Audit of Insurers by Independent Certified Public Accountants and Audited Financial ReportsMar/11/2022Active
Rule 15.pdf
3712Business Report; General Agents, Non Resident Agents and BrokersJan/24/1989Active
Rule 18.pdf
481Report of suspended lossesJan/07/1958Active
Rule 19.pdf
481Local Change NoticeJan/07/1958Active
Rule 20.pdf
4606Fees for investigations and consultations to insurance staffDec/16/1991Active
Rule 21.pdf
481Types RegistrationJan/07/1958Active
Rule 22.pdf
481Fees and Forms; DiversionsJan/07/1958Active
Rule 2272.pdf
Rule 24.pdf
3624Approval of models and writing languageJun/23/1988Active
Rule 24 -A.pdf
2076Approval  of Bond FormsApr/1/1976Active
Rule 24-A.pdf
2076Approval  of Bond FormsApr/1/1976Active
Rule 25.pdf
481Duration of provisional certificatesJan/07/1958Active
Rule 26-481.pdf
481Calculations of cash surrender valuesJan/07/1958Active
Rule 26-683.pdf
683Calculations of cash surrender valuesDec/08/1960Active
Rule 27.pdf
2288Marine Insurance DefinitionOct/07/1977Active
Rule 28-5358.pdf
5358Surplus Lines Insurance and reports required to brokerJul/03/1995Active
Rule 29.pdf
4778Benefits in payment of premium and payment plansSep/15/1992Active
Rule 30.pdf
683Credits for Cancelation of policies at issued dateDec/08/1960Active
Rule 31.pdf
2074Broker BondsApr/01/1976Active
Rule 32.pdf
1053Equivalence of Academic PreparationSep/30/1966Active
Rule 33.pdf
569Relief Association and Mutual AidJun/01/1959Active
Rule 34.pdf
683Normal Ordinary Table of Mortality in 1958 of the CommissionersDec/08/1960Active
Rule 36.pdf
683Statistical ReportsDec/08/1960Active
Rule 37.pdf
683Mandatory Reserve of Valuing Stocks and BondDec/08/1960Active
Rule 38.pdf
773Automobile Clubs and AssociationsMay/17/1962Active
Rule 39.pdf
2924Mass Marketing Plans and Fictitious PlansNov/01/1982Active
Rule 40-D.pdf
7722To abolish Rule 40 from the Insurance Code of Puerto Rico about  Multiple Lines ProgramJul/14/2009Active
Rule 41.pdf
4933ACredit Life InsuranceJun/16/1993Active
Rule 42.pdf
857Substitution of Current Life Insurance Policies With Other PoliciesJun/14/1963Active
Rule 43.pdf
857Individual Experiences Plans for Car GroupsJun/27/1963Active
Rule 45.pdf
1954Regulations for Variable Annuity ContractsJun/20/1975Active
Rule 47.pdf
2080Unfair practices in adjusting claimsApr/06/1976Active
Rule 47-A.pdf
8386Standards to regulate the term for the resolutionof the first request by an insured for reconsideration of a determination on a claimAug/2/2013Active
Rule 48.pdf
3163“Valuation Standards For Reserves And Nonforfeiture Values For Life Insurance Policies”Apr/13/2022Active
Rule 49.pdf
2856Maximum Annual Rates payable on Issued and not issued certifications of provision of funds to CooperativesFeb/03/1982Active
Rule 50.pdf
7747Requirements of Medicare Supplement InsuranceSep/21/2009Active
Rule 51.pdf
2941Liabilities to Banking InstitutionsDec/21/1982Active
Rule 52.pdf
8516Continuing Education RequirementsSept/04/2014Active
Rule 53.pdf
3191Definition and Prohibition of disloyal practices in the car insurance business including adjustment of losses and salvage management of recoveriesJan/31/1985Active
Rule 54.pdf
3811Rights for concept of registration of files to the CommissionerFeb/07/1989Active
Rule 55.pdf
3812Limitation of cancellation by the insurer and procedure for policy renewalFeb/07/1989Active
Rule 56.pdf
3310Assigned risk in the Professional Medical Liability InsuranceMar/08/1986Active
Rule 60.pdf
3463Information System for the Regulations InsuranceMay/28/1987Active
Rule 62.pdf
3821Item Processing Equipment in Health Service OrganizationsFeb/07/1989Active
Rule 63.pdf
7639Abolition of Rule LXIII of the Insurance Code of Puerto RicoDec/19/2008Active
Rule 68.pdf
3749Terms and Regulation to process permits and similar authorizationsFeb/07/1989Active
Rule 70.pdf
6254Amendment to Rule LXX of the Insurance Code Regulation, for consolidating Rules LXX and LXIX, Implementation of the Compulsory Liability Insurance for Motor VehiclesDec/28/2000Active
Rule 71.pdf
Act. No 253Mandatory Liability Insurance initial determination SystemJan/01/1998Active
Rule 72.pdf
8137Operations of the Catastrophic Loss ReserveJan/13/2012Active
Rule 74.pdf
6371Standards to Regulate the  Sale Solicitation, Offer or Marketing of Insurance Products by the Depository Institutions or its AffiliatesOct/25/2001Active
Rule 75.pdf
6538Standards to Regulate the Confidentiality and Financial Information Flow and about the Consumer Health StatusOct/24/2002Active
Rule 80.pdf
9154Amendment to rule 80 of the regulations of the Puerto Rico Insurance code titledJan/29/2020Active
Rule 80 9225.pdf
9225Amendment to rule 80 of the regulations of the Puerto Rico Insurance code titledNov/12/2020Active
Rule 80 8708.pdf
8708Standards for the regulation of the operation of international insurers and reinsurersFeb/24/2016Active
Rule 81.pdf
6974Standards to regulate operations of the international insurers to operate as segregated asset plansMay/20/2005Active
Rule 82.pdf
7508Rules governing the operations of the Holding Companies of International InsurersMay/19/2008Active
Rule 83.pdf
8745Standards and Procedures to Regulate Holding Companies of Insurers and HealMay/6/2016Active
Rule 84.pdf
9069Standards to Regulate the Additional Compensation Payment to the General Agents, Authorized Representatives and ProducersJan/2019Active
Rule 84 Amendment 7481.pdf
7481Standards to Regulate the Additional Compensation Payment to the General Agents, Authorized Representatives and ProducersMar/14/2008Inactive
Rule 84 Amendment 7423.pdf
7423Standards to Regulate the Additional Compensation Payment to the General Agents, Authorized Representatives and ProducersOct/31/2007Inactive
Rule 84 Amendment 7374.pdf
7374Standards to Regulate the Additional Compensation Payment to the General Agents, Authorized Representatives and ProducersJun/18/2007Inactive
Rule 85.pdf
8144Rules to regulate viatical settlements, life settlements and other transactions about the benefits of life policiesJan/20/2012Active
Rule 86.pdf
7608Standards to Regulate the Expedition of Limited LicensesNov/12/2008Active
Rule 87.pdf
7466Rules Applicable to Purchases, Non Professional Services Acquisition and Public Auctions of the Offices of the Commissioner of Puerto RicoFeb/15/2008Active
Rule 89.pdf
7652Rules to determine the eligibility to include a minor not emancipated or impaired as direct dependent of a family health planDec/23/2008Active
Rule 90.pdf
7704Rules to derogate Rule Num. 83 of the Insurance Code of Puerto Rico about Standards and Procedures of the Holding Companies of Insurers and Health Insurance Organizations and Criteria for Evaluating Change of Control SystemsJun/09/2009Active
Rule 91.pdf
7646Standards to regulate the collective bargaining process between the  health service organizations with providers, providers representatives and third party administrators and the creation of the Board of Health Plan RatesDec/23/2008Active
Rule 92.pdf
7787Rules to implement the dispositions related with the risk based computed capital requisiteJun/04/2010Active
Rule 94.pdf
7968Standards and authority of the Commissioner of Insurance with regard to insurers showing an adverse financial conditionDec/28/2010Active
Rule 95.pdf
7995Requirements for Actuarial OpinionFeb/25/2011Active
Rule 96.pdf
7993Actuarial opinion for property and casualty insurersFeb/17/2010Active
Rule 97 (Amendment).pdf
9071Reinsurance IntermediariesFeb/11/2019Active
Rule 97.pdf
8138Reinsurance IntermediariesJan/13/2012Active
Rule 98.pdf
9394Credit for ReinsuranceJul/13/2022Active
Rule 99.pdf
8159Priority TurnsFeb/16/2012Active
Rule 4379.pdf
4379Rules and Regulations Pertaining to the Underwriting and/or Brokerage of Foreign Risk Insurance in Puerto Rico by International Banking EntitiesAug/20/1992Active
Rule 8365 FEFIN.pdf
8365Rule for the regulation and supervision of the notary bond special fund5/22/2013Active
Rule 100.pdf
8037Standards to regulate reinsurance that may be contracted by international insurers on risks resident, located or to be executed in Puerto RicoSep/23/2013Active
Rule 102.pdf
9231Guidelines for the Regulation of Electronic Transactions in the Insurance BusinessNov/18/2020Active
Rule 103.pdf
9185Requirements for Submitting and Processing Parametric Catastrophic Microinsurance in Personal Lines2/7/2020Active

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Regla 1 (I-A)




​Procedimientos de Investigación​3/jul/1995

​Regla 2 (II)
481​Procedimiento de las vistas administrativas a celebrarse por el Comisionado7/1958​Activo
​Regla 3 (III)   
8355​Exámenes para licencia​9/mayo/2013​Activo
​Regla 4 (IV)        ​8646​Ajustadores de Seguros​16/sep/2015​Activo
​Regla 5 (V)        5492
​Renovación de Licencias​18/oct/1996​Activo
​Regla 6 (VI)481
​Cancelación de Licencia a Solicitador​7/ene/1958​Activo
​Regla 7 (VII)1053​Rehabilitación de Licencias​30/sep/1966Activo
​Regla 8 (VIII)
​6121​Licencias Incompatibles​31/mar/2000​Activo
​Regla 9 (IX)1053   
​Sistema de Libros y Contabilidad​30/sep/1966​Activo​
​Regla 10 (X)



Sistema de Libros y Contabilidad: Agentes Generales, Gerentes de Aseguradores Extranjeros y Ajustadores​1/abr/1976




​Regla 11 (XI)   
1053​Sistema de Libros y Contabilidad; Agentes y Corredores
​Regla 11-A   

​2075​Agentes y Corredores no Residentes, Libros Registros y Documentos​1/abr/1976​Activo
​Regla 11-B   
2075​Consultores, Libros y Registros​1/abr/1976​Activo
​Regla 12 (XII)   
1053​Conservación de documentos​30/sep/1966​Activo
​Regla 13 (XIII)
​1053​Valoración de Bonos y Acciones​30/sep/1966​Activo
​Regla 14 (XIV)   
1053​Informe Anual de Aseguradores​30/sep/1966​Activo
​Regla 14-A (XIV-A)   


​7958​Auditoría de Aseguradores por Contadores Públicos Autorizados Independientes e Informes Financieros Auditados​14/dic/2010​Activo
​Regla 15 (XV)   
​3712​Informe de Negocios; Agentes Generales, Agentes y Corredores no residentes​24/ene/1989​Activo
​Regla 16 (XVI)     6183​​Anuncios​17/ago/2000​Derogada
​Regla 17 (XVII)   

​481​Suministro de información sobre pólizas; riesgos asegurados​7/ene/1958​Activo